Friday, October 12, 2007

Washington Post: No Coats, Ties or Stuffed Shirts

Watch out, Washington, warns The Washington Post -- as it piles on pre-performance praise for the Post-Classical Ensemble's live musical performance of Aaron Copeland's score during the screening of The City (Sunday, October 14, 2007, at UMD's Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center):
"We insist on moving outside the parameters of classical music." The result: unpredictable, idea-rich concerts designed to challenge the audience. Post-Classical is still well off the beaten path, but audiences are starting to grow -- and they're as diverse, says [Joseph] Horowitz, as the music itself...

[Angel] Gil-Ordonez... [i]s a kinetic performer onstage, using his entire body to guide the ensemble. His conversation is just as animated... He says, classical music needs to recover the freewheeling atmosphere it had before it became, well, classical. "When you went to a concert 200 years ago, it was the event of the week. You were there to meet your friends, to talk -- even during performances! At the premiere of Beethoven's Ninth, people jumped up shouting in the second movement: Aarrgghhhh! Like Mick Jagger!

"And this is the key: We have to recover this sense of spontaneity. I am still hoping somebody in the audience will just sing aloud some of the music while I'm conducting."
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