Friday, April 24, 2009

Washington Post: P-CE's real, solid picture of John Adams

The Washington Post's Anne Midgette writes:
"Encounters: A John Adams Snapshot," a concert presented by the Post-Classical Ensemble at the Harman Center's Lansburgh Theatre on Wednesday night, wasn't really a snapshot at all. For one thing, it offered two images of the composer, taken at different times: the piano solo "Phrygian Gates," from 1977, and "Gnarly Buttons," for clarinet and chamber ensemble, written 19 years later.

Both of these are seminal Adams works. Their juxtaposition offered a thoughtful, intense look at the composer. Brief, yes. It even left you wanting more. But despite the agreeable informality of its presentation, it still had features of a more carefully thought-out image.

Informality is a good thing for Adams...