Monday, March 5, 2007

Dallas Morning News: P-CE DVD "Smartly Played"

image from the cover of Naxos' The Plow That Broke the Plain and The River, directed by Pare Lorentz, scored by Virgil Thomson, performed by the Post-Classical Ensemble The Dallas Morning News has reviewed Naxos' re-issue of Pare Lorentz's 1930s classics The Plow That Broke the Plain and The River -- with soundtracks re-recorded by the Post-Classical Ensemble (P-CE).
It's a joy to hear Thomson's agreeably flinty music in up-to-date sonics, smartly played by the Washington, D.C.-based Post-Classical Ensemble, under conductor Angel Gil-Ordóñez. Thomson allows himself brief moments of gnarly mood music, but otherwise the score is a nonstop medley of marches, hymns, folk songs and what the composer himself called "darn-fool ditties," in harmonizations as spare as Lorentz's Dust Bowl scenes.
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